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General Transco, Inc. (GTI) is the sole manufacturer of the research and quality control biomedical system known as the Pulsating Bubble Surfactometer (PBS). GTI has redesigned the PBS-B model to the PBS-C model. The PBS-C model is a modern system controlled by a lap top computer provided with the system. The PBS-C operates as an internet host with an IP address and sends it's general user interface to the lap top. Control and Selections are made using an Explorer type program on the lap top. Data is streamed to the lap top using a terminal program provided by GTI. A file can be established on the terminal program to save the data from the test. Plotting software is also provided by GTI for Microsoft EXCEL also provided on the lap top.

Pulsating Bubble Surfactometer (PBS-C): The PBS-C is an upgrade from the PBS-B with greater accuracy and better stability. The PBS is a research and quality control instrument designed for the surface tension and surface pressure measurement of liquids such as pulmonary surfactant. It can also be used for any organic liquid containing amphipathic molecules. It forms a bubble within an acrylic sample chamber and oscillates the bubble at a rate selected by the user from 0 to 40 cycles per minute with a default of 20 cycles per minute. It measures the difference pressure within the bubble and the surrounding surfactant and calculates the surface tension. It performs this calculation 50 times per revolution.


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